Birthday adventure Dionne & Tim

Hi Natascha,
How is it going? We are finally starting to get out of the bubble of last Thursday. Gosh what a great day this was! As I indicated in our intake interview, the intention was to do something completely different for Dionne’s birthday. Unfortunately, and in hindsight not, corona threw a spanner in the works. I don’t really know how I ended up with you anymore. One day I think I googled something about party planner and this way I ended up on your site. This one appealed to me and I immediately picked up the phone and contacted you.
That same day we had a telephone intake. During this intake we discussed approximately what I had in mind, what kind of person Dionne is, what she likes, what she does not like and what should certainly not be arranged. Based on this conversation, you made a concept for the content for Dionne’s surprise party. Broadly speaking, all I knew was that we were going to drive across the country in a luxury car with a private driver to have breakfast, sports, lunch, something for the brains and dinner at different locations. After my agreement, we have had frequent contact via email and once extensively via skype. I have clearly indicated that I do not want to know what we were going to do because otherwise I might pass my mouth or Dionne would pull it out of me.
Thursday October 1 was the day. We were picked up in Sleeuwijk by Mike in a beautiful Mercedes S500. The champagne was cold in the back of the car and we were taken to our first surprise. A delicious breakfast at a table sprinkled with rose petals. Before entering, Mike clearly indicated what time we needed to be back at the car. After breakfast Mike was ready to drive us to the next appointment. He said this was going to be the longest ride. An hour and 40 minutes. Afterwards it turned out to be Heerlen and we went skiing in SnowWorld. Dionne and I once stood on the trellis, but that was decades ago. But what fun we had. Without a lesson, the two of us in a pizza slice off the slopes. In retrospect, we couldn’t think of a better sporty outing. After an hour of skiing and a nice drink, Mike was waiting for us again to take us to the next appointment. It turned out to be a short drive, because the romantic Erenstein Castle in Kerkrade was reached within a few minutes. Here we had a delicious lunch accompanied by a few delicious glasses of Chardonay. After an hour or two, Mike was ready to drive us to the one last appointment. It became Venlo and off we went, we came back to play behind an escaperoom afterwards. After the Escape Room we were brought to our last appointment and this was a dinner in Tilburg. A delicious three-course surprise menu with a matching wine arrangement. In ages we have not eaten such a delicious main course. Unfortunately the dinner ended at ten o’clock. Mike was already waiting for us to bring us home safely. Around a quarter to eleven we were neatly dropped off at home, where I had secretly arranged for a few more friends of Dionne to be there to end the fun.
Natascha, what have you arranged this super. Dionne arranged an unforgettable party for me two years ago when I turned 40. I always told Dionne I was not going to top this. According to Dionne, I did. Partly because of your help and arranging it has become a fantastic day. A day that will never be forgotten by both of us. Dionne has never felt more special than this day. And these words alone are worth gold to me. Everything is arranged by you down to the last detail. We felt like king and queen that day and sat on a pink cloud this day and the days after. You are clear in what you do, you do what you say and you communicate quickly via email. Also a lot of credits to Mike the driver. Where did you get that? Mike also made sure it was an unforgettable day. The driver can make and break your day. You spend a whole day together. Mike proved to be a perfect fit for us and has also ensured that his professionalism, humor and conviviality made it a great day.
Dionne and I would like to thank you very much for the unforgettable day. A day never to be forgotten. Not only did this day ensure that Dionne had an unforgettable 40th birthday, but we also received yet another confirmation of our love for each other and why we belong together. We heartily recommend you!
This year was the day, I really turned 40! Unfortunately, we are in corona time and I had already prepared for it not to be a birthday party that I normally love.
Nothing could be further from the truth. My dear friend Tim wanted to give me an unforgettable day. And it was! An overwhelmingly unforgettable day with the help of Natascha.
At 00:00 I received a nice invitation to my own birthday party. However, it was not yet clear what we were going to do next. Super fun but also exciting because I normally organize everything myself and want to be in control. The alarm had to be set early and then my party would start. I was only instructed to put on something casual and bring some neater clothes. At 8:00 a beautiful car drove for including a driver who would take us in tow all day. And what fun we had together. We ate at different locations and activities were done in between. Natascha really did her best to find out who I was and what I loved. For example, she had an intake with my friend about the person I am and also called one of my best friends to find out how I am as a person. I couldn’t have had a better day !! Everything was well organized! The locations were fun and the activities were exactly what I loved. Perhaps thanks to Corona could experience such a special day. All credits to Tim and Natascha Thank you very much!
Kind regards Dionne and Tim