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Every wedding is different. How you see this day before you is very personal. The search for a suitable location, choosing the right caterer and selecting the decoration for a perfect decoration is quite a process. Logically, the organization of a wedding is custom, so I follow a certain method that I strictly adhere to.


The following steps are taken:

  1. The bridal couple has contact by email, a telephone call or submits a request via the contact form
  2. As a result, there is a short consultation with the wedding planner and an appointment is made
  3. The wedding planner prepares for the interview and confirms this to the bridal couple by email, with the procedure on paper and a wedding checklist to go through in advance.
  4. The introductory meeting between wedding planner and wedding couple takes place
  5. The wedding planner makes a short summary of the course of the introductory meeting (this serves as the basis for drawing up the offer)
  6. The bridal couple will receive the tailor-made offer by post, together with the general terms and conditions and an order confirmation
  7. If the bridal couple agrees to the offer, they will return the order confirmation signed in the enclosed envelope
  8. After receipt of the order confirmation, a copy of the agreement will be sent by email to the bridal couple for inspection
  9. If there is no response from the bridal couple to the copy agreement within 2 days, the original agreement will be drawn up in duplicate and sent by post for signature.
  10. After receiving the signed agreement, I send the bridal couple the first invoice for payment by email (50% of the total amount of the offer)
  11. After payment is received, the second meeting  is scheduled to discuss the details
  12. The wedding planner starts setting up the script, planning and organization
  13. Halfway through the organization, the bridal couple receives the second invoice for payment (the remaining 50% of the total amount of the offer)
  14. Wedding day takes place
  15. After the wedding day, the evaluation interviews take place with the bridal couple and separately with the suppliers
  16. If additional costs have occurred, the bride and groom have been informed well in advance and the last invoice will be sent

I like to learn from the experiences of my customers, that’s why I like to receive feedback by telephone or email about how you as a customer have experienced the entire process.

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