The decoration of your wedding completes the picture. That is why I help you come up with a theme or style, we arrange the right decorations and accessories and I take care of the styling on location. From the most beautiful flowers and other decorations to suitable furniture and suitable lighting. We discuss your ideas and make them concrete so that your day forms a harmonious whole.

I help you with:

  • Coming up with a theme or style
  • Arranging the right decorations and accessories
  • Styling on location

Down to the last detail

Styling is comprehensive. Think of flowers, decoration and lighting at your wedding location. From matching chairs next to an old wooden table to a red carpet and a flower hedge. The styling should suit your day. Colors, styles, atmospheres and design: you can bring back your personality in everything. That is why I consult with you about your ideas and we make them concrete. I am aware of current trends and have a good dose of creativity, so I can also advise you. Together we ensure a harmonious whole in the appearance of your wedding.


Collaboration with stylists

I would like to be supported by other experts. That is why we work with stylists on the most beautiful projects. Why? That way we can really put all the dots on the i. Together we create the most beautiful ideas, and therefore also the most beautiful weddings!