Spring wedding

Organize a fresh and happy spring wedding

In summer we think of two things that are quite the opposite, heat and cold. But in winter time this all fits together, after a nice walk with a thick winter jacket nice inside for a warm stove or open a cup of hot chocolate milk.

Get married outside in the happy spring atmosphere

  • Outdoor wedding with a beautiful fresh spring decor.
  • Take wedding photos in a beautiful flower meadow or with lambs in a meadow.
  • A party indoors or outdoors with all kinds of summer activities such as feeding lambs, petting kids etc.
  • With spring scents, snacks and delicious refreshing drinks for the perfect wedding. 

Decoration for a spring wedding

When organizing a spring wedding, the decoration can vary from a happy to a classic wedding

Wedding venues for a spring wedding

  • Outdoor wedding among the beautiful blooming flowers and trees.
  • Take photos faithfully in a flower meadow, a beautiful forest or park

Wedding dresses for a spring wedding

At a spring wedding, dresses with a thin, light fabric, an open back and / or side band completely match the spring theme, and are also nice and airy for the warmer spring days.

Catering for a spring wedding

Fragrances and colors of the blooming flowers and freshly cut grass, spring has its own flavor that suits all of this:
Fruity and fresh juices and drinks – pasta meal – fresh salads – sweet desserts – punch – fruit tarts 

Inspiration spring colors

Psychology of spring colors:

Soft – Lively – Relaxed – Fresh – Friendly – Spontaneous

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