Summer wedding

Organize a summer garden or beach wedding

In summer we usually think of sun, sea beach and holidays! this is a perfect theme and atmosphere that we can create at a fresh happy summer wedding. With cool drinks and delicious ice cream for dessert, summer is the perfect time for a great wedding.

A beautiful and festive summer wedding

  • Get married on the beach and party in a beautifully decorated party at the top of the beach
  • Get married in a light and beautiful beach style wedding dress
  • Make faithful photos during the sun’s rise and fall, for romantic atmosphere images.
  • You and all guests will warm up inside in a cozy decorated atmosphere, with winter warm catering and delicious hot drinks. 

Decoration for a summerwedding

Sun, sea and beach a real outdoor summer wedding in the beautiful and warm summer days.

Wedding venues for a summer wedding

  • Getting married in the most beautiful and summery locations such as the beach, in a castle garden or by a lake.
  • Getting married in a castle is the perfect place for a big party and is great romantic and has a great atmosphere. 
  • Nice tip /  Getting married in Disney land Paris during summer time can also be a lot of fun 
  • Taking photos on the beach in a beautiful castle or flower garden is all possible in the summer.

Wedding dresses for a summer wedding

Catering at a summer wedding

The fresh and sweet flavors of summer for fresh meals and drinks.
The best ice creams – Fruity and fresh juices and drinks – Fresh and tasty summer dishes – Salads – Sweet desserts – Punch – Sorbets – Watermelon and many more tasty summer snacks.

Inspiration summer colors

Psychologie van zomer kleuren:

Cheerful – Lively – Positive – Happy – Gentle – Fresh

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